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MPEG is well known for its digital audio and video compression standards, such as MP3 audio and AVC video. Digital television, DVD and Blu-ray applications require that the compressed audio and video data are conveyed into a single stream, and for this purpose the MPEG-2 system standard is defined.
This book describes the MPEG-2 system technology, such as carriage of packets with compressed audio and video data into a single system stream and requirements on the decoding and presentation of carried audio and video data, for example how to achieve synchronized play back. The basic principles and features of MPEG-2 Systems are described, as well as details of its design. Furthermore, several background issues  that played a role in its design are discussed. It shows how inspiring it is to work together with experts from all involved (and often competing) industries, research institutions and universities. Several sometimes humorous anecdotes are included as well as a funny epilogue, written by Chad Fogg, with an amazing communication from the Future backward through time.    
The book is written in a way that makes reading fun. The result is a book that provides a historical context to the development of the important technology that enabled a huge consumer market for digital television broadcast and optical discs to take off. A book that may sometimes let the reader smile and even laugh out loud...


Jan van der Meer Consultancy
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